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Article by Wayne Murphy on November 27, 2017

The Wax CMS and Development Framework puts the power of platforms in your hands.

What is wax?

Wax is our custom web development framework and CMS. Wax lives at the convergence of website and web application; providing utility, provoking action, enabling interaction and supporting collaboration.

What's new?

Every year Wax grows stronger, with added features and functionality. Hive is committed to keeping Wax up to date and in line with best practices and technologies so it remains a secure, relevant and powerful tool.

We've just released Wax 6.0 here is a quick overview of what’s new.

More control over content

100’s of new stencils have been added to 6.0. Including, updated buttons, alerts, labels, altered text options, thumbnails, carousels, gallery sliders and tables just to name a few.

More flexible themes

New controls within the branding of all websites built on Wax. Now, no matter who edits the site, it will remain on brand using Wax themes. If you do decide to re-brand global alterations can be made in the themes tab to completely re-brand the site so a re-brand does not become a re-build.

New powerful features

Updated video stencils provide a super fast way to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into your site. New features also include a custom form builder so you can build more detailed questionnaires, custom contact forms or support enquiry forms with drag and dropped onto the site. 6.0 also has new features for adding backgrounds, movies and animations which are now all built right in to the framework.

Enhanced security and support

Updated security settings for all websites on 6.0. You can now choose when and who can deploy changes to the live site with altered user management. Deployments are as simple as clicking a button on your dashboard. Regular site backups and data migtation tools mean you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

Wax maintenance plans also provide a cost effective solution for on-going personal support and maintenance for unforeseen bug fixes, URL and domain support, CMS assistance and troubleshooting from our expert team.

Deeper integrations

New integrations have been added to 6.0 including deeper connections with Facebook, Paypal, Google Maps, youtube and E-commerce providers including stripe and assembly. Wax now delivers a full escrow payment system and bank level security.

To learn more about wax and discuss if it's right for your next project email Wayne at wayne@hive.com.au.